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There is a vast amount of cultural composition within the world of rugby and it radiates a heavy presence throughout the USA. Rugby is the fastest growing sport in a country that has the greatest cultural diversity in the world. Acknowledging and recognizing this truth can create a opportunity for developing a nation wide rugby community built on honesty, respect ,and truth. So what is the correct culture for rugby? What is the best way to ensure a code of conduct and growth of character through the game?


With so many new branches of rugby sprouting up and pushing forward, there is a constant need for innovation. Coaches and administrators will play a pivotal roll in the development and survival of this game. Unfortunately, those who are ready to take on the challenge are not always the most experienced. They will need support, in order to develop the multiple abilities required to maintain people within the sport. Every time we gain and lose a person, we change the culture of rugby. “One of the best things about rugby is the inclusiveness and participation. We want to do all we can to maintain these key components within our sport.” – Says Theo Bennett


ImproveRugby believes there is a foundational role to assist in the awareness and creation of rugby culture. Founders Chris Brown and Theo Bennett heavily believe that maintaining honest relationships is vital for the progression of the game, within the United States.


“My primary role with USA Rugby is to instill the foundations of their High Performance Strength & Conditioning program and assist in the rugby development of the national Men’s 7’s Squad. Within my High Performance roles, other than how I work with the immediate individuals within our squads and union, it is key that I connect with various communities, ensuring they feel there is a opportunity for open communication and also try my best to come across in an approachable manner. A massive reason for beginning ImproveRugby with Theo Bennett has been to create a platform where more of the rugby community are able to access my expertise and also understand more about what is important for building a successful rugby program and community.”


“To be a high performance coach in any national team, you need to have a high degree of belief in what you do. You need to be honest and willing to work daily within various situations with a diverse group of people. The honesty of what you think and what you feel, while knowing how to spread your point across the rugby community, will give you the best chance to produce a transparent relationship with your players and all concerned”.


“If you are willing to serve those you work with, be vulnerable to being taken advantage of while understanding the process to achieve a healthy culture built on enhancing the quality of people, you won’t go wrong. For me, Improve Rugby is a reflection of the culture of all my rugby experiences. We are trying to display and provide clear information to improve the education and culture of rugby, because without both of these factors, we lack the ingredients to build a solid future of the game.”- says Chris Brown.


While there is continual growth all around the game, there is also a growth in the market for business.

“There is a collision and sometimes a conflict of interest within the game, people see the potential of the rugby segment, they innovate and create their own markets. This is amazing to see from the outside. There is no doubt that this creates competition, conflict, and the opportunity for positive and not so positive growth. It is our vision to be a middle resource for supporting the growth of the game. We are putting together the best of our knowledge in simple ways to help people navigate their way in rugby. Therefore, we are trying to gather the best possible ambassadors of the game. Knowledge is just not enough; whom we work with must have a relatable manner. With the ability to build relationships and install inspiration, we can create the best culture possible and we can Improve Rugby” – Says Theo Bennett.


“We all need to work at creating a better community culture. If we continue to strive for this outcome, the blessings that come from it will take care of themselves.” – Chris Brown.


Improve Rugby Culture

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