Building Positive Relationships Within Rugby

One of the greatest challenges in sports is building positive relationships within a team environment.  That statement will also hold true in most areas of life. Whether it’s family or colleagues, when working together and dealing with people, the ability to relate is crucial when trying to nurture positive relationships.
Using work as an example, if you cannot relate to the people on your team, barriers will be created. When this occurs, you may often talk past each other with the likelihood of stepping on toes ever increasing. It may not be intentional but failing to understand what drives the people around you can be detrimental for team growth. If you fall short when recognizing how they respond to specific communication types or how they receive praise, you are always going to be on the back foot and are more likely to cause damage rather than progression. This is the same within team sports and unfortunately the effects from your decisions/interactions will often be more immediate than other areas in life.
A team is supposed to work together effectively for the duration of their match, with the aim of successfully achieving the targeted outcome. The picture may look fine as they start out… however when situations become challenging and the group cannot relate well, the likelihood of the connection breaking down, whether verbal or not, is almost certain.
Family is a word that has been consistent throughout every team I’ve worked with. Family members that are accountable to each other tend to have more grace with each other. In my opinion this is a healthy environment. Working through tough situations together will only enhance the bond between individuals. With family being the people you spend most your time with growing up, it is only natural to have more of these experiences together. We may not always like our brothers or sisters but in a healthy environment the respect will still be there allowing continual room for growth.
If these characteristics are present within your team environment, there is a greater probability of each individual connecting and growing in unity. This takes time and each individual grows at different rates. If you are able to create an environment built on grace and accountability, you won’t go far wrong.

 By Chris Brown

International Rugby Coach & Head of Physical Performance

Building Positive Relationships Within Rugby

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