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We have complied some basics for our video series from International High Performance Rugby Consultant, Chris Brown. Please enjoy and share the culture of rugby knowledge.

Passing Progression

The keys to a perfect pass are simple and we all need to repeat our basics no matter what level we play or coach. Chris Brown demonstrates a great Passing Progression to Improve Rugby for all.


Wall Reaction Drill

The key to catching the ball is honing your hand eye co-ordination. This Wall Reaction Drill challenges players abilities to position themselves correctly with balance in the catch process, and creates a smaller point of focus by using a tennis ball developing better rugby reactions.


Wall Juggling For Rugby

Understanding and developing depth perception of incoming objects combined with hand eye co-ordination is essential for rugby players. Here we use jugging tennis balls to challenge the even the most developed rugby athlete.


Lifting Pods

Winning the restart is only as successful as the support of your team mates. This Lifting Pod Drill provides team work development and hones in our pod skills for better chances of retaining the ball.


Tackle Bag Flip Clean

The age old saying amongst high performance coaches is that ‘the tackle is not complete until your on your feet!’   The tackle bag flip and clean is a progressive drill that installs in players to get to their feet and continue to a clean out preserving space over the ball.


Tackle Bag Ball Steals

After the tackle we can have various decisions to make. We get to our feet and start looking for the next job to do.  This Tackle Bag Ball Steal drill helps develop our awareness and reaction to get the back!

Restart Tracking Drill

One of the key factors to winning games is the ability to regain the ball off of the Restart. This simple drill contains the skills to Improve Rugby Restarts.


Ruck Half Moons

Rugby is played on our feet, so we must train getting up and being in a good body position. The Half Moon is an essential exercise to develop and drill the body and mind to react.


Ball Rip and Floor Conditioning

We must have the mentality to both protect and win the ball back. This simple drill serves as a simple exercise to both keep the ball away from the opposition, and to key into the body positions to get it back. We combine this with some floor conditioning to Improve Rugby fitness.


Floor Medley

With the Floor Medley for Rugby Conditioning we develop both fitness and strength. Providing dynamic movements to increase the heart rate, explosion and a partner drill to enhance shoulder and back stability while under fatigue.


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