Go Green – Better Ruck Awareness

Go Green
Ball placement is one of the most important factors for winning our own ruck ball. It requires the Ball Carrier to think about the end result of their actions and continually assess the situation they are in to preserve possession and add flow to the game.
Go Green are the key words that describe in what direction we want the ball to placed and in a tackle contest, where the off load is not justified. Think of a situation that you have no option but to retain the ball in contact and present it in a way that your team-mates can recycle and use the ball again. It is important when we think about Go Green, we think of where we must connect the ball to our own players by placing it in the direction that’s most advantageous. We have to start thinking about Go Green as we establish that we are going to have to retain the ball and use the ruck as a form of keeping possession.
Remember that Go Green is not talking about the various ruck ball placement types. It is the work prior to placement. Your team mates are trying to meet you on common ground when they see you in this position. As a result, They are working their way to be in the “Gate” to support you, and retain possession.
Keys to Go Green
  • Identify your situation and evaluate your ability to be threatening in forward momentum.
  • Keep your body in motion! Do not stop body movements with the ball in hand, be dominant, and don’t let the opposition control your intentions.
  • Find space to work with and free the ball up, no matter how small the space is use it to keep moving.
  • It’s ok to make backward movements to preserve the ball, if there are no other options.


Image and Resource: Rugby Coach, Theo Bennett

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