Scanning: Skills Series One

Scanning is key for picking the best opportunity, not always the first opportunity. This generally occurs before one receives the ball! Communication from those around you is key for enhancing the likelihood of maximizing the outcome. Something we see consistently is limited scanning off the ball. Failure to scan off the ball only leads to disarray when trying to overtask with the ball in hand. Give yourself the best opportunity by scanning well before the ball gets close to your space. After scanning in advance, you can adapt on the run.
Learning How To Catch A Rugby Ball early is essential.  Once you move into your passing movement, you will pick up any changes to the picture you previously saw through your peripheral vision. – Chris Brown, Assit. Coach USA 7’s
Keys To Scanning:
  1. Scan the defense prior to receiving the ball at a time that will not influence your ability to catch the ball. Look for holes, game flow, and players out of position that can create future opportunity.
  2. Keep your head at an angle that allows you to see team mate and the opposition. Then, Focus on the catch!
  3. After you catch the ball, square your head like its on a swivel. In doing so, you will naturally square your hips. This will almost steer your body back into running straight.
  4. Look for options and see the play as it is developing and re-confirm information for the picture you saw prior to catching the ball. Just don’t forget to be a threat with the ball while making your best decision.
  5. Select the correct skill to use and make it count, in response to the opportunity.
‘Good players always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Its like they can see the future. Therefore, it seems that they force a change in the game, where it is more they capitalize on weaknesses thru effective scanning and recognition.’ – Coach, Theo Bennett

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