The Catch: Skills Series One

How To Catch A Rugby Ball
‘How one receives the ball has a massive effect on their ability to maximize the accuracy of the pass and minimize the time with ball in hand where it is required.’  Says Chris Brown Asst. Coach USA 7’s
‘The sooner you have the ball in hand and with fingers in the ideal position, the sooner you are able to scan and pick up your supporting teammate. This enhances the likelihood of seeing the target and completing the core components of the pass accurately, putting your teammate in the best possible position.’
‘Receiving the ball when and how you want it, gives you the best chance to maximize your position in manipulates your defender, giving either an opportunity to exploit yourself or for your teammate elsewhere.’
Hand placement also known as the ‘adjustment phase’ is essential in developing the skill base for both passes. Before you/we focus on that, first lets catch the ball!  
Here are a few things that you can focus on:
  1. Be in a reactive body stance. Like a Battle Stance.
  2. Call for the ball. To position yourself, use words like short, long, deep, and now. (Link)
  3. Slightly bend your elbows and get your hands up like sights. Shape your hands in a ‘W’   – Thumbs in the middle close together- Index fingers up with your fingers relaxed slightly forward and spread.
  4. Look through your sight to the ball carrier with your hips square while running your correct line.
  5. As you receive the ball prepare a soft target. Don’t snatch at the ball and try not to be too rigid. You have to accept its weight. Your elbows start bent for a reason; so that you can adjust your hands to catch miss targeted passes.
Tip: Be balanced receiving the ball
Instructions: Coach Theo Bennett




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