The Ruck Entry

The Ruck is a dynamic and fast changing part of rugby with new rules. Players are becoming attacking specialists in this area of the game. Winning the ruck area is the key to rugby success! Without ruck success, we will fail to obtain or retain possession of the ball.
The ruck mentality focuses on attack and protection. We must firm up our mentality and our bodies in this area of the game. Mobility of the hips, lower back strength, and neck strength are all crucial for the physical aspect of this skill. You can find more conditioning tips at The Athlete Factory here on our site.
Equally essential is the understanding of the ruck laws and where you can use your skills. The rules of rugby give us the terms of engagement that help regulate the game in a safe way.
  • Drop your hips by bending your knee’s. This mechanic is vital for winning the ruck entry.
  • Aim to make contact at elbow height or under the chin (presuming the defender is over the ball).
  • This will maximize the likelihood of winning the contact height while also remaining on your feet.
  • Keep your back straight and get in as close as possible. Follow up by powering through the required contact point.
  • When possible, use the ‘same leg – same shoulder’ protocol as it will enhance your leverage and ensure you clean past the ball and so you don’t get penalized for sealing off or coming off your feet.
  • Think of being in position prior to the opposition



Improve Rugby – The Ruck Entry

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