The Trigger – Skills Series One

The Trigger
The trigger is the player who is working off the ball. This player plays a indispensable roll into Fixing a defender.
Working off and timing your impact onto the ball is key for taking advantage of and creating opportunities. We continually refer to holding ones trigger for multiple reasons. – Chris Brown, Assit. Coach USA 7’s
  • To give your teammate passing the ball the best opportunity to put the ball in front of you. This is imperative for allowing you to continue moving at pace and not being forced to slow down or check your movements.
  • What you do off the ball has a massive effect when referring to the opportunities you or your teammate will have once the ball is in hand.
  • Sharp movements off the ball prior to receiving it will create disconnect or hesitation in the oppositions defensive line. A opportunity will be present itself or you will have maintained additional space and time to create one.

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